Essie and Giveaway!

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Essie is the elegant one of the nail polish world, simple packaging, a sleek brush for careful precision and beautiful quality shades to match your mood. Essie have mastered the perfect wedding/holiday nude nail (my favourite). I never like over the top festive nail designs so a mixture of my old friend ‘fiji’, a slick of ‘not just a pretty face’ to warm things up and a coat of the opulent rose gold ‘a cut above’. I always go for a subtle look but you can add more coats for a dramatic look.

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Giveaway – If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning this set of 3 winter collection stocking filler then click the link below and follow the instructions :)

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Seventeen instant Glow range

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset  Every now and again I come across a product that deserves to be shared. I’ve never used Seventeen products before but their new instant glow collection intrigued me so I decided to be a little adventurous as I’ve not seen the sun in…I can’t remember how long.

There’s one product I’m loving and now using daily and that’s the skin tan glow, a creamy bronzing liquid that leaves you with a luminous glow. I lightly dab on my cheek bones over my regular makeup.

The Instant bronzing mousse has a pleasant scent, doesn’t leave you orange, last up to 24 hours and washes off – win!

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(Don’t mind my stitch scars there, I’d like to say I got them from an heroic accident but they’re from something quite lame actually)

If you’re looking for an all over subtle glow then a few sweeps of the shimmer brick with a bronzing brush leaves you with a hint of healthy, I wouldn’t rate it as my favourite as it’s more pink than brown, great if you don’t have pink undertones like myself.

This range is good if you’re looking for more of an everyday healthy glow. These are all fairly priced products and you can get them at Boots.

Body brushing

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I put that candle there to make it look all relaxing when in reality I was SO on edge due to this new coffee I have but that’s another story.


The ancient practice of body brushing is something I’ve found to be quite beneficial lately and I shall tell you why…

Many of us take care when moisturising, exfoliating and cleansing our face so why not the rest of our body. Brushing away dead skin cells not only leaves your skin glowing and feeling brand new but also helps your body eliminate wastes through the lymph nodes.

You could have poor circulation due to

sitting at a desk all day

equally standing in a job all day

tight fitting jeans/trousers


Benefits of body brushing:

Helps to shed dead skin cells

Encourages new cell renewal

Increased circulation

may reduce cellulite (the devil)

prevents ingrown hairs

helps to tone skin

Eliminates wastes

Can leave you feeling energised

Helps your skin more easily absorb nutrients


I’ve gotten into the habit of brushing my skin each night and morning before my showers in gentle strokes starting from my feet working upwards, always towards the heart. Using this rotating brush means less work and helps you to focus on stubborn areas. Oils penetrate the skin faster after brushing away dead skin cells, I use this one by Weleda. It contains birch oil, butchers broom extract and wheatgerm oil and has a fresh, relaxing earthy scent.

Body brushing in the morning wakes me up and spurs me on to eat well throughout the day. Be sure you invest in a natural bristle body brush, you don’t want anything too corse which could scratch and damage skin over time. You can dry or wet brush, both will leave you feeling invigorated and healthy.



Wahaca Cardiff

So good I ate there not once but two nights in a row (you know you’d do the same)



It looks like I wear this jumper all the time…and you’d be right. If I like something – we shall become one.

I ended up in the London soho Wahaca a while back and had such a great food experience, I was damn excited when they announced Wahaca was coming to lovely Cardiff!

The meat is sourced within the UK and meet higher welfare standards. Their aim is to be kinder to the environment which is good news indeed.

The restaurant is vibrant and energetic – this only causes you to order more mezcal cocktails until you’re high on life and getting emotional about how delicious the food is. I couldn’t help but ‘Oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ at the layout and interior design, spread across three floors and featuring a cocktail bar on the 3rd, It got me thinking how one would feel wobbling down all those stairs after one too many smokey tequilas…

If you’re a tad greedy and simply can’t decide on a dish then get yourself to the street food section of the menu. Tapas style sizes perfect for sharing (or not) and setting your tastebuds on fire!

I had the pork pibil/Grilled British steak tacos and huitlacoche quesadillas, the service was great, thanks to Franco and Petar for being so friendly and teaching me the correct pronunciation of that last dish.

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At the end of your meal, they give you some chilli seeds to take home and grow. Why… that’s better than a sticker!

Halloween 2014

I had a right old first world problem when trying to choose a Halloween look this year, there’s too many great ideas and not enough Halloween nights to fulfil them all!

I recycled my DIY ring master costume, popped the front section of my hair into victory rolls then sprayed with black hair spray (this can make a mess so was sure to cover my clothing with a towel)

Because American horror story is one of my favourite TV series at the mo, I searched out ‘Twisty the clown makeup’ and found this tutorial by a very talented gal. I think I may have watched every tutorial she’s uploaded…


For the face I used black, white and red face paints, and my urban decay naked 2 pallet for the greys and browns.

I never learn my lesson with contact lenses, I always kid myself into thinking I will win but i never do, after poking my eye shouting at a contact lens for 30 mins.. I remembered why I hate them.

Halloween costume ideas

I’m a total halloween nerd. I love dressing up and Halloween is a great excuse to get your DIY on and dress a bit mad. Here’s a few of my creations I’ve come up with in the past.


Ringmaster costume – I was invited to a Dark Circus party and made this costume the night before. The dark circus party was so much fun! The effort that went into every one of the guests costumes was just amazing. Take a look at their other events HERE

  • Faux leather trousers from Topshop
  • Hat from Claire’s accessorise
  • Birds – christmas decorations from Paperchase
  • Hobbs Red blazer  – charity shop
  • Black satin collar and ribbon around wrists – fabric shop
  • Gold roped trim, shoulder tassel, gold buttons, jewell tassel lengths on basque – all from John lewis curtain and fabric section
  • Basque from H&M
  • and knee high black boots

Ninja costume – This is probably one of the fastest and cheapest costumes going. I was going to a house party and didn’t want to feel uncomfotable.

  • Hood – This is a simple black mens t shirt, no modifying needed at all!
  • I actually did have a ninja costume top but you can wear a plain black long sleeved top
  • baggy black pants
  • Red cotton ripped and frayed then wrapped around wrists, waist and ankles – fabric shop
  • I tied a load of fake hair into my real hair to create a longer fishtail braid (might as well make this costume pretty!)
  • Shoes were black nike high tops

Lion costume – I made this as a last minute costume that actually took me a while because I got the pants wrong more than once! Anyway all went well in the end, Although some people thought I was meant to be the cowardly lion from Wizard of Oz..

  • Hair – This is a dark brown/red/blond mix curly wig, mixed in with my own hair.
  • ears – I made these cute little ears and actually sewed them into the wig because an alice band couldn’t cut it, also i didn’t want it messing up my mane!
  • The top was made in a bralet style shape, I added shoulder pads to make me look bigger (raawrr). I added a contrasting dark faux fur fabric on the front to make me look more mighty
  • I made the pants tighter at the bottom and baggy on the top, I sewed folds in them to add volume to my thighs (not that I needed any more thigh…)
  • the tail was sewn to my pants
  • Shoes were from River Island but you could always paint an animal print onto some old shoes.


All of this fabric was from my local fabric shop. Most fabric shops stock loads of different prints and colours of faux fur.

Never underestimate the power of the glue gun!!! I was lost until I discovered my glue gun. You can make things in double the time.

Velcro is your best friend when you don’t have time for pattern cutting or creating the perfect fit