North Wales: Glamping

On the weekend we decided to explore beautiful north Wales so took a trip to Machynlleth (I can now pronounce this) for a spot of glamping.  We stayed at gwyliau beudy banc.  It was so much fun and really cozy. The site we stayed at was very secluded, just us four and two other tents…oh and a dog with crazed eyes that decided to run around our tent all night. We were all so excited to get to the place we ended up forgetting any water…or food. So we went to the local village where we had some fantastic pizza at the back of the Wynnstay hotel. I’ve travelled around Italy and tasted some amazing pizza but this was delicious.

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Living in South Wales, i thought North Wales would be similar but it’s very different. The views were breathtaking :)

Healthy, Longer hair

P1030351I’m very proud of my mane. I don’t dye my hair, I rarely heat style it, I treat it with love and care. I believe all hair is beautiful and we should be proud of it, like a lion is of his mane…Raawwrr..

A head of healthy, beautiful, strong hair is so much more desirable than over processed, dry, brittle hair. Cared for hair is an image of health.

Drink Water – will also help it to grow faster.

Find a minimal hair care routine that suits you – clogging your hair up with a ton of different products might make it look good for one night but will damage hair over time.

Natural – Turn to mother nature, make a homemade remedy. it will make you feel all earthy and wonderful. I have a great little remedy to share. I’ll be posting that concoction along with my face scrub on Sunday :)

Massage – I shamelessly massage my head and scalp not only at home but also at work, on public transport, I can’t get enough of a good head massage, I enjoy massaging other people’s heads too. This will stimulate your folicals and release your natural oils (it does make your hair oiler faster though)

Aveda Invati – This is a great product I’ve been using for around 6 weeks now. It claims to make your hair thicker. I like the calming fresh smell of this, the convenience of just spraying and massaging in (any excuse to massage my head) on dry hair is great. My hair does feel stronger, shiny, more full. Almost feels like hair medication..and I take mine every night before bed. Spritz in the centre of your parting, make another parting on either side and repeat.

Nuts – eating nuts such as brazil, almonds, walnuts are easy to snack on and do wonders for my hair. If you’re not a fan of nuts then add to greek yogurt with a spot of honey.

Chop – Get those ends trimmed off. A split end that is left will split up the entire hair creating unhealthy strong hairs.

Ditch the extensions – although the path to long locks is a loooooong one, I would highly recommend you stick it out. extensions are not only uncomfortable but they may help you lose your hair.







Henne hair colour


At the ripe age of 17 I decided it would be a great idea to colour my hair jet black and blue…

Considering my hair was so light naturally, this was a silly idea indeed! That dye ruined my hair and then began the long process of getting it back to my original colour. For around three years my hair was in terrible condition and snapped off leaving awful split ends so this has led to me staying far away from hair dyes.

I was in my favorite health store when I came across this strange packaging.

100% plant-based hair colouring comes in a strange turmeric looking powder. Claims to add radiant highlights and lustre to your hair. contains no oxidants or ammonia. Fades in 4-6 washes. My hairs been feeling weak of late and lacking body so I thought I’d give it a try.

Each packet comes complete with Henna colouring cream, gloves and a shower cap.  You will need a comb and a towel, Also cover the floor under you in newspaper because this stuff is messy!  Allow up to an hour from start to finish depending on the depth of colour you desire.

empty the entire packet of powder into a plastic container, add hot water and mix with a spoon until you have a paste. Drape towel over your shoulders, pop on your latex gloves and begin working the product through from roots to ends, making sure to achieve even coverage. Leave on for 30 mins then rinse with cool water.

My hair felt matted at first but once I’d used my de tangling spray all was well.

I let my hair dry naturally so have a little wave going on today. My hair definitely feels softer and healthier on the ends. Not sure if my hair looks darker or not…

I will have to update you when I’ve styled my hair. I can’t notice much of a difference but I my hair feels stronger and thicker. You can find Henne hair colour HERE

Bikini love



In good old Blighty we rarely get the chance to slip into our bikinis so when we go on holiday, it’s a pretty big deal!

I’m heading off to Mexico in a few days and I swore this time I’d actually get a bikini that 1. Fits and 2. isn’t black.

Asos have a sale on, I was so happy to see the sets I wanted went in the sale and snapped up three of the best fitting bikinis I’ve ever tried.

Playful promises are a London-based brand that have nailed it in the bikini department. They also make lingerie so I get the impression they understand different body shapes. The sets come in various patterns, with pops of colour, pretty charms and there’s a fit to suit every shape.

Playful Promises charm bandeau I love this flattering turqoise colour and that gold snake charm (I’m in love)

Playful Promises water print triangle I usually find triangle bikinis look a bit silly on me but this one is perfect and the pattern is timeless,

Playful Promises Flamingo triangle bikini  It has flamingos!

Gilly hicks push em up swim bra This bra fits like a glove, its padded cups create a shelf so you get that extra boost.

Asos tropical print fringed kimono If only this was as wearable off the beach as well!

Holiday beauty must haves


I’m off to Mexico in under a week! I’m super excited so thought I’d make a little list of things I take away with me (This is also so I can check I’ve got everything). After making so many holiday faux pas over the years, I’ve discovered the goodies and the baddies. This is a list of tried and tested products I swear by to keep me in tip-top shape in the sun.

Botanics loofah – Instead of taking a heavy bottle of body polish, try using a loofah to exfoliate your skin. You can squish it in your suitcase and won’t feel so bad if you leave it at the hotel when you leave.

Simple Wipes – I use wipes along with my face wash each night to remove any excess makeup.

Aussie Miracle reconstructor mask – After a day in the sea and sun, your hair can take a bashing. use a mask to repair your dry hair.

Soap and glory foot buffer – I always find my feet dry out on holiday, after trying out most foot files, the ped egg, mani pedi and creams, I find this works best, only use on soft, dry but just out of the shower feet.

Solar Oil – I bought this in a salon as my nails kept breaking, this almond oil smells like marzipan and after a few days use you’ll notice beautiful, healthy, strong nails.

morrocan oil – Of course this mini travel bottle comes with me wherever i go, I don’t just use it on my hair to tame flyaways and frizz, I lightly sweep my legs with it in the evening to give a lovely sheen.

Mavala nail polish remover pads – This tiny pot is a super handy space saver.

Nail file – Just because.

Dead sea spa magic – I can’t recommend this product enough! My hair feels like a different head of hair after I’ve used this. Maybe it is..I haven’t checked.

Detangling spray – I forgot to add this one but it makes life so much easier when your hairs all salty and acting up!

Dead sea mud spa – I always like to use a mask during a week away. All that suncream can make your face feel icky, a mask will refresh your skin.

Botanics exfoliation pads – these little pads are easy to pop in your travel bag and do a damn good job of getting rid of dead skin. Use circular motions and try to use a light pressure to avoid stripping your face of natural oils, this causes dreaded pimples…

Tresemme texture spray – Good for creating beachy waves, just spray, scrunch and go

Lee stafford Breaking hair split end serum – My hair gets so brittle and dry when I’m in a hot climate, this feels like it smooths my split ends down and gives me a nice shine.

Piz Buin tan and protect spf 30 – Piz Buin hasn’t let me down yet, it smells gorgeous, blocks out the UVA and helps you tan naturally.

Reimans P20 – This light oil soaks right in with no greasy feeling or shine, it lasts all day and helps you tan. There are mixed reviews about this but after using it in Vegas 2 years ago I’m a big fan.

Piz Buin aftersun – Again this smells lovely, slathering this on after a shower feels great.

Compeed blister plasters – guaranteed there will be a shoe drama wherever I go. I’m always that person limping a mile behind with my shoe hanging off. These plasters feel like a second skin, even if your feet are shredded and bloodied (slight exaggeration) pop one of these on and it’s like as if you’ve been numbed. Before these plasters, I would dread nights out in new heels but now I pop my plasters on and there’s no rubbing, no blisters, no foot drama :)

Knowing me I’ll forget to take half of this stuff with me. Anything cool I’m missing? Let me know you’re holiday must haves!

April Favorites


It’s getting warmer! Woo!

Yes, the sun has peaked out it’s sexy self.

If you tend to burn in the sun, have oily skin and find spf’s too greasy , try La Roche Posey 30 spf face cream. I walk to work and ride my bike most places, I get sunburned quite easily and want to protect my skin from ageing. This has been a fantastic base under my makeup and sinks right in.

This Paw Paw balm was an impulse buy because silly as it sounds, it looked like it would work (it does). If you’re looking for an all round wonder for chapped lips, dry hands and irritated skin then this nifty balm will sort you out. I use it on my hands before cycling so my hands feel smooth and protected.

Bergamot, Jasmine, peppercorns and patchouli make this fragrance stand out from the rest. I’m always on the lookout for unusual scents, this smokey, sensual fragrance takes me right back to Italy.

Aloe Vera is natures healer. Last year Aloe Vera Gel took the sting out of sunburn, made my legs silky smooth and soothed the aftermath of waxing – This is a constant staple in my beauty regime.

March favorites


My ultimate Feb favorite was actually honey, lemon, ginger and hot water. I got really ill again. My immune system is really bad at the mo, I’m on a mission to turn it into a warrior. I picture this warrior in my head, I might make a doodle of this majestic being later, stick it on Twitter so you can marvel at the immune system warrior in all it’s proud glory.

 This Works Perfect legs

This brand name is so obnoxious you just have to trust it. They’re basically telling you ‘THIS WORKS DUH!’ Now that the yellow ball has appeared in the sky, this sexy legs in a bottle is what I’ve been wearing instead of tights. With a hint of colour it gives my legs a healthy glow, Almost like a BB cream for legs with a subtle sheen (not a false tan btw). It claims to lighten scars, bruises and pigmentation over time too.  I used this all of last year and I’m now on my second bottle.

Mindfulness – A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

 This is a lovely book that uses CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help you to change negative thought patterns and be more at peace with yourself. If you’re someone who tends to lose yourself in negative thoughts then this is a book for you. It also comes with an audio cd which can guide you on your journey to meditation bliss.

Herschel Back pack

Being a former skater guurl I’ve always loved the ruck sack, before it was deemed very uncool next to the shoulder aching handbag, whereas now you can’t go anywhere without spotting a stylish, comfy little number. This bag’s a sexy shape, has a velour pocket for my laptop, leather straps. I’ve been using it for about three months now and it’s still perfect quality – It’s all about the little details. Look after your backs girls!

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

This is part of my signature scent, I say signature because the magic thing about Jo Malone is you can mix fragrances to create your own personal scent. Pomegranate Noir smells earthy, fresh and is unisex which makes it incredibly sexy. This fragrance delicately lingers all day.

Twerk socks

No Miley Cirus go away….Ohhh twerk socks come hither. As an adult, socks for Christmas become more exciting each year because we no longer have mum to find them for us.


Smashbox Colour corrector primer

Yes it’s green….Don’t let that put you off though, the green tinge evens out skin tone and banishes redness. I was never into primers but this one is fantastic, it glides on, doesn’t block your pores but still does a damn good job at blurring them.

 Kendrick Lamar Section 80

I listened to this summer 2012 and couldn’t stop, I became obsessed and learnt all the lyrics…then I would pretend to be Kendrick in the mirror…whilst standing naked….while eating toast. Y’know when you just get out of the shower and you think ‘NO WAY can I get ready without my motivation music!’ Well this album will sort you right out. The mellow and hazy ‘ADHD’ never leaves my mind.

I wish I was Kendrick…but instead I’m a white female. The only things we have in common is our height and love of additive ridden cereal.