February 2014 favorites


My ultimate Feb favorite was actually honey, lemon, ginger and hot water. I got really ill again. My immune system is really bad at the mo, I’m on a mission to turn it into a warrior. I picture this warrior in my head, I might make a doodle of this majestic being later, stick it on Twitter so you can marvel at the immune system warrior in all it’s proud glory.

 This Works Perfect legs

This brand name is so obnoxious you just have to trust it. They’re basically telling you ‘THIS WORKS DUH!’ Now that the yellow ball has appeared in the sky, this sexy legs in a bottle is what I’ve been wearing instead of tights. With a hint of colour it gives my legs a healthy glow, Almost like a BB cream for legs with a subtle sheen (not a false tan btw). It claims to lighten scars, bruises and pigmentation over time too.  I used this all of last year and I’m now on my second bottle.

Mindfulness – A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

 This is a lovely book that uses CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help you to change negative thought patterns and be more at peace with yourself. If you’re someone who tends to lose yourself in negative thoughts then this is a book for you. It also comes with an audio cd which can guide you on your journey to meditation bliss.

Herschel Back pack

Being a former skater guurl I’ve always loved the ruck sack, before it was deemed very uncool next to the shoulder aching handbag, whereas now you can’t go anywhere without spotting a stylish, comfy little number. This bag’s a sexy shape, has a velour pocket for my laptop, leather straps. I’ve been using it for about three months now and it’s still perfect quality – It’s all about the little details. Look after your backs girls!

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

This is part of my signature scent, I say signature because the magic thing about Jo Malone is you can mix fragrances to create your own personal scent. Pomegranate Noir smells earthy, fresh and is unisex which makes it incredibly sexy. This fragrance delicately lingers all day.

Twerk socks

No Miley Cirus go away….Ohhh twerk socks come hither. As an adult, socks for Christmas become more exciting each year because we no longer have mum to find them for us.


Smashbox Colour corrector primer

Yes it’s green….Don’t let that put you off though, the green tinge evens out skin tone and banishes redness. I was never into primers but this one is fantastic, it glides on, doesn’t block your pores but still does a damn good job at blurring them.

 Kendrick Lamar Section 80

I listened to this summer 2012 and couldn’t stop, I became obsessed and learnt all the lyrics…then I would pretend to be Kendrick in the mirror…whilst standing naked….while eating toast. Y’know when you just get out of the shower and you think ‘NO WAY can I get ready without my motivation music!’ Well this album will sort you right out. The mellow and hazy ‘ADHD’ never leaves my mind.

I wish I was Kendrick…but instead I’m a white female. The only things we have in common is our height and love of additive ridden cereal.

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My week in pictures

IMG_20140227_150056 - Copy - CopyMuseums always take me back to when I was a kid. I love the eeriness, the space, Lunchtime was always the best part of the museum school trip, it was all downhill from there on.

IMG_20140227_151912 - Copy - CopyOoooh The future…..but not quite.

IMG_20140227_135710I seem to take ceiling photos wherever I go.

IMG_20140226_234933 Kimchi in Holborn. Sake wine cocktail.

IMG_20140226_234830 Raw beef bibimbap, Kkakdugi, Pa jeon and Yang yeum chicken – YUM

IMG_20140228_033524 - Copy - CopySaw My best guy mate after four years! Why do we leave things so long..

IMG_20140228_034144 - Copy - Copy

IMG_20140227_135844 - CopyFound the most stylish, weightless labcoat to see me through the warmer months – £24.99 at H&M. Bargain.

IMG_20140305_142534Found this jacquard scarf at Anthropologie and swiped it from the clutches of another, it was a close call, we both reached out for it but I was too fast. Skills :)

IMG_20140228_103110Yoshino – Been coming here for years, the best place in London for sushi in my opinion. Indeed I ate all of that apart from the prawns head.

IMG_20140303_221501Went to see Russell Brand when I got back to cardiff. He brought on stage his girlfriends white alsatian ‘Brian’. Russell was hilarious but I left feeling like 1. I wanted a dog and 2. I wanted a Russell. He seems to exude this natural sexy confidence you don’t find with many people. He has a way of connecting to each member of the audience and a talent of explaining his point through amazing stories.

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Lush Haul and brighter hair

I popped into Lush for the first time in ages today and treated myself to some goodies. My hair and skin’s been really dull looking due to winter so a mini Lush haul made perfect sense.IMG_20140220_113322You will have to excuse that mess behind me. I’ve moved house and still don’t have a curtain pole up. Hello Neighbours!
IMG_20140219_182813The staff at Lush are always so nice, I often end up in there for a good hour talking about current issues, how much we love animals and how much we want to wreak vengeance on those who hurt animals! Grrr…

Marilyn – Named after the voluptuous bombshell herself! This is a lightening mask that claims to strip brassiness. You use it as a weekly mask on dry hair before washing.

Daddy-O – This also strips the brassy tones, smells like palma violets and confuses me a little. I’m not sure if I should eat it or paint with it. Apparently this can make your hair go purple after using it for a prolonged amount of time, ooooh…

Veganese – Vegan shampoo (which is always a good thing and even better when you have no idea why)

Brazened Honey fresh face mask – This honey, lime and ginger mask smells scrumptious, Yes I did taste it and no it wasn’t nice. The almond bits ex foliated my face leaving me silky smooth!

Herbalism fresh face mask – This could be mistaken for moss and has a weird earthy smell, I like it though. It makes me feel all at one with nature.

Would I recommend these products? Yes! Shopping at Lush is always an enjoyable experience and makes you feel less guilty as you’re choosing more environmentally/animal friendly products. I would say definitely use these hair products together for the full Kpow!. After years of buying random bits here and there and not seeing much change, I now get why combining these hair products makes sense – Doh!

My hair now has that swish thaaang going on! Looks brighter and has Ooomph! I feel like I should stand in front of a fan effortlessly pouting while Motley crue play in the background.

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Very British problems


Hi all!

Yes, I went and vanished off the face of the blogosphere again! I just felt like i wanted some time off. I’m happy to now be back and catching up on all my favourite blogs. I love and seeing how so many bloggers lives have changed since I left the blogging world.

Since October I’ve moved home to a big beautiful house with three amazing house mates. They already feel like family and we’re all into the same music which was very important! I have my own gorgeous en-suit which is a bit pooosh may i add. The new area is leafy and grand with loads of delicious restaurants and little boutiques. My old flat was really uninspiring and a bit lonely…I never felt like I wanted to go home at that place. Now however I never want to leave! Is that bad thing?

I recently somehow contracted the wonderful conjunctivitis which meant almost a week off work with sore, unsightly red eyes.


This morning I got up, had a shower, the usual routine. I styled my hair and carefully applied my make up. I looked good, I felt great. There was a hint of sunshine outside. I left the house and at that minute along came the rain cloud, it gained in on me fast. I turned the corner and BAM! I was almost blown away (like the little farm house from The Wizard of Oz) I picked up my pace until I was almost running. Hair now in a stubborn dredlock type knot, make up smeared and washed off, soaked to the bone. In my job you have to look presentable and turning up to work with rat tail hair after you’ve been styling it for a good while is depressing. This seems to be every day! It’s a mystery to me how anyone can look good on this cursed weather island we call Britain. You don’t see an umbrella in sight here, it’s all North face heavy coats and hunter wellies.

I came home to find I had a cold creeping up on me – Joy! the third one since November. Funny thing is I never EVER had a cold/cough in my 6 years as a veggie and I probably ate less veggies than I do now. Within the first week of eating bacon I got one hell of a cold. I think my immune system is massively lacking on account of me never being a good girl and eating my dark greens like my moma taught me.

My sister has been stranded in the New York blizzard trying to get home for two days due to cancelled flights but she’s now on her way home,  yay! My younger sibling and I became anxious about the amount of turbulence they were having so decided to go full stalker and follow our big sis using this.

Why is it whenever there’s a hint of cold/rain the first thing my legs do is direct me to the nearest biscuit isle to pick up some bourbons? If you’re looking for a quick fix cure for most things in life – Creamy tea and bourbons make great companions. Wine and chocolate was never my thing.

All moaning and self pity aside, I feel absolutely awful for the families who have lost their homes and in many cases their livelihood to this relentless weather we’ve been having. At least I can come home out of the freezing cold and sleep in my warm bed, sadly for many others they’ve lost everything.

I will be hosting a pretty awesome give away shortly, why not aye :)

I hope you’re all well x



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We want liqour! And liqour we had! Lots of it.


B&H are an events company who organize some spectacular events.

We recently went along the their Prohibition event in which we where we were transported back in time to the 1920s. I’m still marvelling at the amount of effort everyone put into their outfits, furs (faux fur I hope!), vintage embellished dresses, adorned headpieces. Everyone went all out and no expense was spared!

Cocktails were served in vintage teacups, One cocktail in particular – The Gatsby was lethal!


I got a little obsessed with this beautiful burlesque dancer..




The band made sure everyone was up and dancing. There were a few couples who danced the Charleston and the tango. Then there was me….I didn’t have a clue how to dance jazz so I made my own style of dance that I’m glad hasn’t been recorded.


Live piano room, A voice of velvet.


obligatory toilet photo…



This lovely girl made all her own accessories


Check out these cool cats


I highly recommend booking one of these events when the tickets go on sale, this one sold out quite quickly.


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Old Walter Long ears


Why hello there

We don’t seem to have met?  That human can be so rude sometimes…

Anyway let’s talk about me!

My names Walter-the-Rabbit. Yes, she insists on a barrel name, she says it will earn me more status and respect when I go to uni one day (I hate to break it to her but I don’t see that happening somehow…)

I’m 12 weeks young and came from a huge home called ‘Pets at home’. Thing is, no one there is actually at home, you get taken to a home. False advertising.

The first time I saw my human, she had this ridiculous smile and wouldn’t look away from me. I tried to hide in the tunnel…she was creeping me out. Then a similar looking human joined her in eyeing me up. That’s when they started plotting. The next thing, this woman’s hand swooped me into a box….A BOX!

Then she took me to the till and paid for me. Seriously, this is the world we live in; you can buy a tiny soul with something called a debut card or something?.

How I got here I don’t know.

I must say, I’m liking my new home though. It’s so warm and she cleans my cage everyday.

One thing that’s been bothering my big feet is this weird new floor, I slide all over it, such a hazard. Why anyone would choose wood floor over lovely chew-able carpet I don’t know…Mmmm carpet..


This is me blending into the rug. C’mon look how good I look!


She’s been doing this really awkward thing as well and I feel like I have to go along with it…I feel bad for the girl. She runs around the house *thump thump thump* and we have to chase each other. I have to act surprised and engaged while this is going on…Oh I do hope she stops soon.

The human has started adding even more names to my respectful name: ‘pumpkin pie’  ’pumpkin head’ – does that even count as cute??!

I can say there’s one thing I do like about the new food provider though….She’s found my weak spot… My nose! As soon as she tickles my nose I’m transported to a paradise like no other.

I can say for now I’m quite happy here. Bye for now!

(“)_(“) ….

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Beauty: Skincare Tag

The Delectable Wen, from Wen walks in shoes Tagged me to make a skincare post. Wen’s a woman after my own heart, artsy, foodie and with great taste in fashion/beauty.


Let’s do this:


Describe your skincare routine in 5 words:

Cleanse, moisturize, Serum, eye cream and food (yes food)

What’s your skin type?

Combination. Oily and sometimes dry. Ladies – Oily skin isn’t all bad, It helps to keep you wrinkle free for longer :)

Top Blemish Zapper

I don’t really get spots these days, I put it down to drinking copious amounts WATER and green tea! *glug glug glug*

Face Wipes, yay or nay?

A big hell..umm…yay! Face wipes are important to me because i can’t bare leaving any makeup on my eyes at night. I splash my eyes with warm water, it all gently slides off with the wipe. I use Simple baby wipes 80 pack. So much cheaper with no perfumes, colours and are alcohol free.

Toner, yay or nay?

I enjoy the soothing feel a toner leaves but I tend to go through phases, when I do this is the one I use. Click

High-end skincare or high-end makeup?

You only get one skin! I think I’d go with makeup though, you can’t beat a good quality lippy.

What’s the most unusual skincare product you’ve tried?

It’s not a bought product but it’s something I like to make, let’s call it umm…’Clare’s face feast’. I make a gentle exfoliater using Manuka honey, Brown sugar, lemon and green tea – Yummy. Bloody love it!

Tell us your top skincare tip

What you put in shows on the outside. If I go on a murderous Chips, pizza, Ben and jerry’s spree, it shows on my face days later. Get lots of fruit down ya! Drink water, eat well.

IMG_20131002_175933 (1)

1. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This Serum really does live up to it’s name. Light, goes a loooooong way, non greasy and really makes your skin look and feel healthier. I use this every night before my beauty sleep.

2. Origins Checks and Balances

I’ve used this for around three years continuously, Left 3 tubes at friends houses and re-purchased as soon as I hit boots. This is uber gentle, fantastic for sensitive skin, frothy, minimal, doesn’t increase oiliness or dryness. I’d marry it if I’m honest.

3. Origins Mega Bright Serum

I’ve used this serum under my makeup for over a year, I’ve never had any problem with spots, increased oiliness or makeup sliding. My skin absorbs it quickly and it carries a subtle natural smell.

4. Estee Lauder Advanced eye repair 

Silky smooth, soothing and goes a long way.  As a long nailed gal, The little applicator is very much appreciated.


Overall the best thing you can do to maintain healthy skin and a pretty glow is:





I shouted them so you’d remember them.


Three beauties I’m tagging are:

Victoria from In the Frow 

Rachael from AisforAyla

Kerri from Aplaceforloners


Thanks for reading!


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