My Planner brings all the boys to the yard

Everyone has something they love to geek out over. My Obsession with Korean stationary started when I was working in Covent Garden and walked past Artbox to get to my lunch. I’m not a fan of a lot of the heavily anime themed style but a planner caught my eye and from then on I’d be in there every pay day!

Geez..This is what happens when you’re really fussy about stationary and design and have no life. It’s March and I’ve only just ordered my 2015 planner. If I get a hint that a shop is stocking some kind of diary, then I’ve already sniffed it out and investigated. I’ve also scoured the internet, looked on Pinterest. It just has to be perfect! I’ve come to the conclusion that Korea (South of course) is where it’s at when it comes to planners. They know exactly what I want. Seven days on one page is all well and good but I need the whole month across 2 pages damn it.

Some people have a man checklist, I have a planner checklist. These are my conditions –

  • must show the month across two pages
  • must be bendy
  • must be high quality paper
  • contemporary, clean and simple design

Minibus is a brand that aims to please and this planner does exactly that.



What’s that you say? 8 fresh inspiring colours to choose from! A plastic cover so no moisture can ruin your planning fun! A little pocket thingy to store away your loose bits?

The problem lies in trying to narrow it down to just one colour……yellow…wait!…umm – Just give me all of em!

Check out these other cool bits I’ve found while on the never ending hunt. I swear Frodo struggled to Mordor, retrieved that ring and got back quicker than this diary drama.









And then comes the stickers..





Psst…Word has it that Iconic Design stickers are the coolest stickers on the block. Sooo pretty! I can’t cope.

What are your geeky pastimes? I will be waiting at the door for my journal to arrive.


Worth watching

“TV is chewing gum for the eyes”

- Frank Lloyd Wright

I’ve watched a lot of TV of late…ALOT. This isn’t because I don’t have friends…..*cough*…It’s simply because it’s too cold and I would rather be indoors being a toasty snail in it’s shell, than a chilly penguin wearing heels and standing in the cold to get into some club on a weekend. So that’s what I did and all this staying in has been quite rewarding, I’ve come across some right gems so make sure you get in your shell all cosy and watch.

Netflix – The book is ok, the film is great! Frank plays the most likeable song he’s ever written and I can tell you It’s probably the best song I’ve ever heard….

Mr Selfridge – I never watch period dramas but I’m so glad I started watching this. It’s what Sunday evenings are all about now, Mr Selfridge is the boss we’d all love to have.

Black mirror – prepare to be entertained. This 3 series of films directed by Charlie Brooker is so well done, kept me on the edge of my seat and left me mind blown! if you’ve ever seen the Twilight zone then it’s a similar idea. Disturbing and very believable, there’s one episode that’s stuck with me and that’s ‘fifteen million merits’. Partly because Daniel Kaluuya is a great British talent and played this part particularly well. The soundtrack on this episode is hypnotizing.

Office space is a comedy about a group of Office workers who hate their jobs and are literally men on the edge, It’s actually on Netflix now so give it a watch, the soundtrack features Geto boys and the characters are spot on. If you’re a fan of Napoleon Dynamite then you’ll probably love this.

office space printer scene (original) from alazankin on Vimeo.

And something I will get round to watching..



Barker tea house


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
― C.S Lewis

A splosh of tea does you the world of good! Tea with a friend is relaxing, inspiring and comforting. Even better when you have an abundance of beautiful teas and cakes to choose from in a visually pleasing setting. Situated in Cardiff’s oldly worldly High street arcade, Barker tea house is the sister to barker coffee (my favourite Cardiff hangout). They focus more on afternoon tea but still have the same steam punk, chilled vibe with big, soft leather chairs you can sink back into and lots of room so you can huddle in your own cosy corner. Pretty china and pewter teapots that keep your tea nice and warm. They stock 100 loose leaf teas but because I’m scared of change I went with my usual Earl Grey number and a nice chunky scone, one scone was enough to satisfy my appetite which is a first!








I’ve spent the past week in beautiful Pembrokeshire exploring the coast line and eating..a lot! I actually lost weight though because we spent most of the time running just to warm up. My sister (who also has a blog HERE) was offered a stay at Bluestone 5* lodges so off we went. Our lodge was huge and slept 8 people, I was surprised by how cosy and comfortable the lodge was.

In typical British style we went swimming in the water parks lazy river and jacuzzi which was mostly outside, gales blowing, hail stoning and with a thunder and lightning storm going on. If you’ve never kicked back and relaxed in those weather conditions, I highly recommend it. It’s quite exhilarating and hilarious.

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If you’re ever in Saundersfoot and fancy some hearty comfort food then don’t forget to visit Mermaid on the strand. We all agreed it was some of the best fresh fish/creamy risotto we’d tasted. They also make a great coffee and the service was fantastic.


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10 things you don’t need but want

Forget spending money on holidays. Just hang this on the wall and you’re instantly transported to a beautiful paradise. Urban Outfitters do a huge range of high quality, stunning tapestries.

34875468_045_b 31685407_040_b

Up yours mug - This is genius  …Imagine handing a coffee to that person you dislike and they’re thinking..aww why was I such an ass to this person, they made me a coffee out of the goodness of their heart…then they finish their coffee and BAM! Up yours!!


Flag it up microtape – To be honest, this would become a huge part of my life. I’d write to more people I suppose..



miniature allotment – If you’re lacking outdoor space then you could always bring the outside in..


Mildred Apron – I can’t cook or bake, I do however love this apron because owning it would give the impression I can cook and bake. I like this apron so much I’d happily wear it as a dress if it came with a back panel.


Deep tea scuba diver - I think we can all appreciate and agree that anything tea related is never a waste of money.



Adventure Time Monopoly – Forget the post heading, this is something you really do need. My sister received this from Christmas and I couldn’t believe it, I just wanted to play it but had to go to work, Next time i visit her I shall be having a game or 3. I honestly can’t get the thought of playing this out of my head.



Current obsession – Terrariums. Owning some of these would definitely make me a better person, I just know it. Things like this I simply can’t resist! They look so weird and wonderful, like little alien lifeforms. You can get these HERE


Samurai Sword umbrella - Yup, that’s an umbrella. Not only will it protect you from enemies but also the rain.



2015 – 8 Resolutions


  “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place” – Eckhart Tolle


Say YES more often – Try new things and take yourself out of your comfort zone

Enjoy the silence

Creativity will set you free and help you keep in touch with your inner self. Remind yourself of the person you are.

Feed your soul – whether it be with music, good hearty food, art

Appreciate one small thing each day – Take a look around

Respect your body – your body really is a temple. Eat well, meditate, exercise and move

Mental health – Treat your mind like a best friend, with compassion, support and kindness

Be selective about people you surround yourself with – Others play a huge part in how you live your life and the choices you make.

December favourites 2014

December was a strange month. My beloved Samsung S5 ended up in the evil clutches of a very unlikable taxi driver who decided to keep it..The cheek! Being without a phone for two weeks was annoying but kind of fun because it taught me to look around a little and do other things like read one of my many books gathering dust or draw!  I’ve de – cluttered my life a little AND.. I now share my home with a puppy!! He’s not actually my puppy, he’s my house mates but he’s now part of our little house family and it’s amazing. Waking up to tiny poops most days isn’t so bad When you have this adorable little face peering back at you. He’s rather handsome and very friendly, He’s still trying to get used to his ridiculously long legs and his farts are diabolical.

2014-12-29 05.26.09 1_20141229173103570_20141229182058059

A few of my favourite things this month –

Dr Organic Rose Otto range – This range contains skin calming extracts of rosehip oil, aloe vera juice and chamomile. I don’t even feel bad about slathering my face in it because it’s paraben free and smells so lovely. The oil leaves my skin feeling plump and soft to the touch, I use the oil on my face, neck and chest, only at bedtime though to avoid daytime shiny face. This range is good for the winter months when your skin is feeling a little dry, dull and in need of a boost.

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Pact Coffee – Coffee makes me so happy. It’s a daily ritual for me that never get’s old, I love the taste and even more so the smell of coffee, all the different variations you can have. Don’t get me wrong, tea can hold it’s own but coffee is on a whole other level. To be honest that’s probably just the addiction talking. Have you heard of Pact? It’s a high quality tailored coffee company. User friendly website, easy to navigate around and works out less than 1/4 of your weekly Starbucks spend. Check them out This one I had left me with the jitters and as I have 3 cups…eek! Don’t have that much.

Bimuno Immunaid – These convenient vitamin C chews work in your gut to help increase the good bacteria which in turn fight off any nasties, great for the colder months. I’ve taken them for a month now and no winter cold so far! They also helped with the old Christmas bloating. You can get them here

I recently watched Northern Soul and fell in love with the soundtrack. It had me dancing around my room following dance tutorials on youtube, finger clicking, side steppin good!

Luther – The cold weather means it’s acceptable to stay in all cosy watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix. Luther has blown my mind, the suspense and of course the gorgeous Idras. Our Luther has pretty much the worst luck in life and his stress levels must be insane! I just want to make him a nice supper, put him to bed all cosy and stroke his head while he falls to sleep. I really enjoyed watching Luther and Ripleys relationship, everyone needs a Ripley in their life. One thing that remained in my mind though was…I wonder what Luthers grey/brown coat smells of? He wears that thing day and night, sleeping, running around, killing people, kicking up a right sweat. Watch and you will see what I mean..


And some un-favourites…

The hipster beard…

And that dollop (under cut topknot) hair that goes like this..

Processed with VSCOcam

I’m all for individuality and when I first spotted this hairstyle out and about I found it quite tribal and a bit sexy but now everyone has it, even they have no idea why they have it but still it remains. The hipster beard is a definite substitute for a lack of personality and is getting bigger and longer by the day, so long that there’s a new breed of neckless man wandering around. I think mens necks are a beautiful thing and I miss them so.