Nuxe haul


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We all need a little luxury in our lives, Nuxe is a brand that evokes feelings of summer nostalgia and makes me feel truly special. Small details make the Nuxe brand stand out, as it is one of the more natural brands, I don’t feel half as bad for covering myself in their oils, balm and lotions!

Reve de Miel lip balm, an unusual texture, a little bit gritty and white at first, almost cakey until worked in.  It’s easy to use too much, a little bit goes a long way so use sparingly – you only need a teeny tiny bit!  The balm isn’t sticky or greasy, the sheen left behind is so subtle, it’s almost matt.  A fresh hint of lemon makes up the scent, reminding me of Citrus Segments sweets I used to eat when I was young.  I have started applying this at night before bed and now wake up with lovely soft lips.

I first learned about Nuxe when a colleague of mine started wearing The Prodigieux le parfum, I was entranced by this beautiful warm fragrance. This fragrance is delicate, summery and lightly scented – not to dissimilar from the oil.  With Orange blossom, mandarin and rose notes, it is definately one of the more unusual fragrances. It’s unlikely you will find many people wearing the same perfume as you.  Personally, I don’t think the perfume lasts too long which is a shame. To increase the longevity, I spritz the Prodigieux le parfum after applying the Huile Prodigieuse, I find the scent lingers a little longer.

Huile Prodigieuse – The superstar of the Nuxe family, an all-rounder, to be used on the hair, face and body. This bottle carries some impressive stats , the ingredients are 98.1% natural with 6 precious plant oils and also contains vitamin E. This oil leaves my hair feeling shiny and silky and is a great finishing touch to my daily routine. I wouldn’t apply on the roots though unless you’re going to use as a hair mask pre shampooing. I have also applied the oil to my face and body but it’s so nice, I almost don’t want to use it on my body! find the dry oil penetrates my skin quickly leaving behind a sheen. The scent is a much lighter version of the perfume and I find wearing the perfume and oil together compliment each other really well.

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A new start

2016-03-29 07.37.32 1Taken at the London Holi festival 2015

I’ve not posted in so long. Winter hibernation happened, So did a bunch of other stuff…

A few months ago I decided enough was enough. My situation wasn’t the worst in the world but it wasn’t too good either. I was working in a job I HATED and not living at all. My boyfriend was living in another city and because I worked in retail, it meant I couldn’t see him most weekends. My job involved me pretending to be overly positive and often false to customers to try to make them buy clothes, standing in uncomfortable shoes all day while staring longingly out of the window with a glazed look in my eye. How many times can you tell a customer a dress looks amazing on them? I felt uncomfortable doing this. I often felt guilty for encouraging people to spend money on something I didn’t really believe in, When I would begrudgingly repeat the unnecessary product knowledge I’d learned to a customer, I would notice an irritated expression hidden with a smile – The kind you pull when an overpaid charity fundraiser jumps in front of you on your lunch break and just won’t take no for answer…

It’s amazing how upset pure boredom can make you. It got to the point where I would leave work and walk home crying, Yes, shamelessly wailing like a banshee! The daily cry fest was the highlight of my day because it was the only time I could let the feels out. It all seems so small and silly now but it was a really depressing situation at the time…If it wasn’t for the fantastic, wise, genuine and funny work mates who uplifted me then I was headed for a breakdown for sure..

One evening after work, after walking home with a face worthy of ‘the cry face of the year award’, I sat down and wrote out my notice – I don’t always recommend doing this – I didn’t have another job to go to but I was extremely low and saw no other way out, Though I can tell you that taking action and gaining control of the situation was such an empowering feeling. I had 4 weeks to make the career switch. I began revamping my CV and feeling more confident, thanks to the voluntary work I’d taken on earlier that year. I started applying every evening, choosing that over going out and socialising. Then like magic, I got three interviews in a week! Some were nerve-wracking and so awkward I’d rather strip naked and run down a busy street than sit through them again. Then I got a bit better at interviews and went for one with a company that seemed too good to be true so I left the interview trying to push it out of my mind. The same day, I got a call from that company offering me a  job! I was so happy I cried again but this time for all the right reasons! So here I am, in lovely Bristol 🙂

Moving Cities and switching careers has been stressful but challenging and exhilarating! The whole experience has taught me not to wait around and that taking risks is sometimes a good thing. If you are stuck in an unhappy job or toxic relationship/friendship then remember – You hold the control to change your situation. We limit ourselves and that’s exactly what I was doing for all of those years, Give your energy to the right things, don’t let anything or anybody dim your light and be sure to make living your first priority.

halloween costume ideas

Have you watched American Horror story Freak show yet? Well now is the perfect time to start! With his menacing eyes and rather… unpredictable personality, Twisty the clown is my absolute favourite character and the perfect halloween clown..

This latex mask with removable mouth piece is an outstanding representation.


The humble skeleton has had a serious glam makeover..

The sugar skull is making a big comeback this year (watch James Bond Spector!). Claires accessories is a handy place to pick up your halloween bits, this year they’re selling sugar skull face tattoos, they always stock plenty of face paint and stick on gems to create your own unique look. This look allows you to get super creative, you can go pretty and intricate or as creepy as you like.



The queen of darkness, Maleficent is also popular again this year after Angelina inspired us girls with those chiseled cheekbones and perfect red pout.

You can buy head pieces or get your creative hat on and make different variations of your own

And the makeup

And some things if you don’t fancy making children and the odd adult cry…

H&M have stocked some handy (but not scary) pieces this year.


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ASOS is always there for your halloween accessory needs…

Stitch and blood tights 

Skeleton onesie 

Skeleton jewel t-shirt 

Evil eyes plimsoles

Nosferatu horror t-shirt

Velvet skater dress

Skeleton mini dress

Facet charm necklace

If you’re still out of ideas then check out the costume I made last year and some ideas from a previous post 

St Fagans National history museum


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I’ve lived in Cardiff for over 4 years but hadn’t ventured into St Fagans museum until last week, long associated with school trips as a kid, St Fagans is one of those places I had many misconceptions about, the first one being that it’s not just a museum but a whole village. On the day we visited it was rainy, The weather meant we didn’t see many fellow visitors which added an eerie atmosphere and charm to the village, I can imagine the scenery being even more beautiful on a sunny day.

One of the great things about St Fagans is that each building you set foot in there’s a helpful expert on hand, they fill you in on the history of the building and how people would go about their daily lives back in Celtic Wales. I had great chats and learned some cool little facts. One man was so theatrical in his story telling that we ended up being transported back in time and spent almost an hour in that little house alone. I would recommend spending a full day here, we stayed a good 6 hours but even then we hadn’t seen everything on offer.

You can observe workers demonstrating crafts in blacksmithing and clog making using traditional techniques. There is also a craft club where you can make necklaces or exchange crochet and knitting tips with like-minded creatives. There is something for everyone at St Fagans and admission is free!

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After all of the walking it could only mean one thing – Cream tea and jam scones at the Gwalia tea house! Situated above the late 1920’s ironmonger and grocery Gwalia store, This tea room is so homely it brought back memories of sitting in my nans cosy living room.

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St Fagans offers free admission and is open 10-5 daily

3 fitness classes to try in Cardiff

Cardiff is a beautiful, easy going but small city. That doesn’t mean we’re not blessed with the same fitness crazes as the bigger cities.  Here’s 3 tried and tested classes you should try today.

Yoga Fever – I’ve attended a few of Yoga fevers’ ‘hot yoga’ classes and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Normal yoga is good.. but picture yourself in a dark room surrounded by heated lamps while you sweat buckets. Sounds weird right? but your muscles really loosen up and at the end of your workout you have a meditation wind down which is just beautiful. I was a bit intimidated before I gave this class a go but I’m glad I did, I felt rejuvenated, like I’d been stretched then rung out. I’d recommend taking a bottle of water to replace the water you lose and your own yoga mat (although they do provide them there) I might invest in some sweat bands, did I mention you sweat buckets?

Cuban salsa – If you want to feel like a sassy Señorita, Then pay a visit to Sabinas’ Cuban salsa class which takes place upstairs in Cardiff’s favourite tapas bar La Tasca. I’ve been to Sabinas’ classes a few times and she’s a fantastic tutor, the classes are usually warm, this is because you’re face to face with complete strangers, like THIS CLOSE! so wear a light top and low heels or flats to keep you cool and comfortable. The men guide the dance too – Good news for ladies with two left feet! You can attend the class alone or with friends, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. This class is loads of fun and and being in such a good restaurant it would be rude not to grab a sangria downstairs afterwards.


A group of Cardiff residents are now opting to spend their weekend sweating it out, not in a club but in a state of the art gym! Funky pump  is a class that combines your favourite house tunes and fitness in a unique club environment complete with their own DJ! boasting the largest free weights section in Wales, A boxing ring and 70 exercise machines, U-Fit is well worth checking out. This class is the ultimate motivation and you wake up the next day hangover free, although you may not be able to move for a bit!

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27 things I’ve learned since turning 27


I feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I don’t worry so much about other people’s opinion of me.

Everyday is a good hair day these days.

I now like my tea a shade or two darker. You know what they say “weak tea, weak mind”. ☕️

 👵 Nights in excite me more than nights out.

Ben and Jerry’s isn’t actually that good an ice cream? (i know this may offend some people) 🍦

🚫 I trust my gut instinct, when something’s not right, end it.

Having a small group of understanding, loyal friends is worth more than having a large group of acquaintances. Equally, you can actually grow out of friends.

Good food is everything. 🍉🍓🍜🍣

Learning something new keeps you interested as well as interesting.

Find your ‘everyday lipstick’. You may have to go through 100’s before finding THE one. 💄

🙌 Meditation isn’t BS, it does indeed work with a lot of practise and patience.

Liberation is – Wearing ‘hideous’ heavily patterned, colourful trousers and not caring. 😊

Always read the salt and sugar labelling on foods.

Feel your body, run, jump and dance 💃 (Do it all at the same time if you like – although people will think you’re mad)

wearing your heart on your sleeve gets you nowhere, Reserve it for those special few 🔐

Coffee is a ritual.

The partner you choose should love and accept your quirks, if they don’t then you won’t be happy in the long run.

You can’t please everyone. ✌️

If you don’t want it enough then it’s not going to happen. 🕦

💫 You’re worth more than you think.

Invest in some good ‘everyday’ black, white and nude bra’s.

Eye cream!

A transparent make up bag makes mornings much easier.

Bike = Freedom! 🚲

Give music a chance, there’s too much good music out there to stick to one genre only. 🎶

👭 accept support from friends and family, That opportunity won’t be there forever. 👫

slimming solutions teatox


A while ago the kind folk at Slimming solutions kindly sent me a package of their Teatox to try out. Being a health nut I couldn’t say no. There are many teatox sets on the market all making the same claims. The two important benefits being that they aid weight loss and help to fight the bloat. The ingredients in this pack included ginseng, Oolong, fennel, lemongrass, nettle leaves, fenugreek and aims to..

  • boost metabolism
  • reduce cravings
  • Cleanse the digestive system

The pack comes with a morning blend and a night blend. The instructions stated that the morning tea should be enjoyed first thing when you wake, Just add water and allow to infuse for 3 mins. The night blend was to be consumed every other evening 30 mins after my last meal of the day.

The teas don’t taste as strange as the ingredients sound, once you get used to the taste it’s actually quite pleasant. I read that the night blend would have a mild laxative effect but this wasn’t the case for me I’m pleased to say!

The first effect the tea had on me is a feeling of wellbeing, I also felt like I had more energy after my morning blend. The tea was a great healthy replacement for my usual coffee and a positive start to the morning. I did add some honey and lemon a few times to enhance the taste. As the days went on I noticed I wasn’t as bloated.

The verdict? 

I can’t say I’m any lighter but it would be unrealistic to think tea alone could make you lose weight, you’d also need to eat well and exercise if you want to see results. This tea did however motivate me to choose healthier options and is a great aid toward a more healthy lifestyle.

I think these teas are a great replacement for tea and coffee, doing a teatox pushes you in a healthy direction and motivated me to choose healthier options during the day. It could be a placebo effect but I did feel more energetic and less bloated. If you’re not sure about these teas, they are on offer for June and are buy one get one free! So you and a friend could go halves. Has anyone else tried a teatox and if so, what did you think?