Old Walter Long ears


Why hello there

We don’t seem to have met?  That human can be so rude sometimes…

Anyway let’s talk about me!

My names Walter-the-Rabbit. Yes, she insists on a barrel name, she says it will earn me more status and respect when I go to uni one day (I hate to break it to her but I don’t see that happening somehow…)

I’m 12 weeks young and came from a huge home called ‘Pets at home’. Thing is, no one there is actually at home, you get taken to a home. False advertising.

The first time I saw my human, she had this ridiculous smile and wouldn’t look away from me. I tried to hide in the tunnel…she was creeping me out. Then a similar looking human joined her in eyeing me up. That’s when they started plotting. The next thing, this woman’s hand swooped me into a box….A BOX!

Then she took me to the till and paid for me. Seriously, this is the world we live in; you can buy a tiny soul with something called a debut card or something?.

How I got here I don’t know.

I must say, I’m liking my new home though. It’s so warm and she cleans my cage everyday.

One thing that’s been bothering my big feet is this weird new floor, I slide all over it, such a hazard. Why anyone would choose wood floor over lovely chew-able carpet I don’t know…Mmmm carpet..


This is me blending into the rug. C’mon look how good I look!


She’s been doing this really awkward thing as well and I feel like I have to go along with it…I feel bad for the girl. She runs around the house *thump thump thump* and we have to chase each other. I have to act surprised and engaged while this is going on…Oh I do hope she stops soon.

The human has started adding even more names to my respectful name: ‘pumpkin pie’  ‘pumpkin head’ – does that even count as cute??!

I can say there’s one thing I do like about the new food provider though….She’s found my weak spot… My nose! As soon as she tickles my nose I’m transported to a paradise like no other.

I can say for now I’m quite happy here. Bye for now!

(“)_(“) ….

  • Cute Bunny!
    I love his expression in the first photo! 😀

    • Thanks Hari! He’s such a cutie, reminds me of a grumpy old man! 🙂