Lush Haul and brighter hair

I popped into Lush for the first time in ages today and treated myself to some goodies. My hair and skin’s been really dull looking due to winter so a mini Lush haul made perfect sense.IMG_20140220_113322You will have to excuse that mess behind me. I’ve moved house and still don’t have a curtain pole up. Hello Neighbours!
IMG_20140219_182813The staff at Lush are always so nice, I often end up in there for a good hour talking about current issues, how much we love animals and how much we want to wreak vengeance on those who hurt animals! Grrr…

Marilyn – Named after the voluptuous bombshell herself! This is a lightening mask that claims to strip brassiness. You use it as a weekly mask on dry hair before washing.

Daddy-O – This also strips the brassy tones, smells like palma violets and confuses me a little. I’m not sure if I should eat it or paint with it. Apparently this can make your hair go purple after using it for a prolonged amount of time, ooooh…

Veganese – Vegan shampoo (which is always a good thing and even better when you have no idea why)

Brazened Honey fresh face mask – This honey, lime and ginger mask smells scrumptious, Yes I did taste it and no it wasn’t nice. The almond bits ex foliated my face leaving me silky smooth!

Herbalism fresh face mask – This could be mistaken for moss and has a weird earthy smell, I like it though. It makes me feel all at one with nature.

Would I recommend these products? Yes! Shopping at Lush is always an enjoyable experience and makes you feel less guilty as you’re choosing more environmentally/animal friendly products. I would say definitely use these hair products together for the full Kpow!. After years of buying random bits here and there and not seeing much change, I now get why combining these hair products makes sense – Doh!

My hair now has that swish thaaang going on! Looks brighter and has Ooomph! I feel like I should stand in front of a fan effortlessly pouting while Motley crue play in the background.