My week in pictures

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Museums always take me back to when I was a kid. I love the eeriness, the space, Lunchtime was always the best part of the museum school trip, it was all downhill from there on.

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Ooooh The future…..but not quite.


I seem to take ceiling photos wherever I go.


Kimchi in Holborn. Sake wine cocktail.


Raw beef bibimbap, Kkakdugi, Pa jeon and Yang yeum chicken – YUM

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Saw My best guy mate after four years! Why do we leave things so long..

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Found the most stylish, weightless labcoat to see me through the warmer months – £24.99 at H&M. Bargain.


Found this jacquard scarf at Anthropologie and swiped it from the clutches of another, it was a close call, we both reached out for it but I was too fast. Skills 🙂


Yoshino – Been coming here for years, the best place in London for sushi in my opinion. Indeed I ate all of that apart from the prawns head.


Went to see Russell Brand when I got back to cardiff. He brought on stage his girlfriends white alsatian ‘Brian’. Russell was hilarious but I left feeling like 1. I wanted a dog and 2. I wanted a Russell. He seems to exude this natural sexy confidence you don’t find with many people. He has a way of connecting to each member of the audience and a talent of explaining his point through amazing stories.