March favorites


My ultimate Feb favorite was actually honey, lemon, ginger and hot water. I got really ill again. My immune system is really bad at the mo, I’m on a mission to turn it into a warrior. I picture this warrior in my head, I might make a doodle of this majestic being later, stick it on Twitter so you can marvel at the immune system warrior in all it’s proud glory.

 This Works Perfect legs

This brand name is so obnoxious you just have to trust it. They’re basically telling you ‘THIS WORKS DUH!’ Now that the yellow ball has appeared in the sky, this sexy legs in a bottle is what I’ve been wearing instead of tights. With a hint of colour it gives my legs a healthy glow, Almost like a BB cream for legs with a subtle sheen (not a false tan btw). It claims to lighten scars, bruises and pigmentation over time too.  I used this all of last year and I’m now on my second bottle.

Mindfulness – A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world

 This is a lovely book that uses CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help you to change negative thought patterns and be more at peace with yourself. If you’re someone who tends to lose yourself in negative thoughts then this is a book for you. It also comes with an audio cd which can guide you on your journey to meditation bliss.

Herschel Back pack

Being a former skater guurl I’ve always loved the ruck sack, before it was deemed very uncool next to the shoulder aching handbag, whereas now you can’t go anywhere without spotting a stylish, comfy little number. This bag’s a sexy shape, has a velour pocket for my laptop, leather straps. I’ve been using it for about three months now and it’s still perfect quality – It’s all about the little details. Look after your backs girls!

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

This is part of my signature scent, I say signature because the magic thing about Jo Malone is you can mix fragrances to create your own personal scent. Pomegranate Noir smells earthy, fresh and is unisex which makes it incredibly sexy. This fragrance delicately lingers all day.

Twerk socks

No Miley Cirus go away….Ohhh twerk socks come hither. As an adult, socks for Christmas become more exciting each year because we no longer have mum to find them for us.


Smashbox Colour corrector primer

Yes it’s green….Don’t let that put you off though, the green tinge evens out skin tone and banishes redness. I was never into primers but this one is fantastic, it glides on, doesn’t block your pores but still does a damn good job at blurring them.

 Kendrick Lamar Section 80

I listened to this summer 2012 and couldn’t stop, I became obsessed and learnt all the lyrics…then I would pretend to be Kendrick in the mirror…whilst standing naked….while eating toast. Y’know when you just get out of the shower and you think ‘NO WAY can I get ready without my motivation music!’ Well this album will sort you right out. The mellow and hazy ‘ADHD’ never leaves my mind.

I wish I was Kendrick…but instead I’m a white female. The only things we have in common is our height and love of additive ridden cereal.

  • Great post. Obsessed with Jo Malone at the moment. Does the leg product really really work though? I’m in desperate of such a need pre holiday purchase! X

    • Hi Lara, It really does work, I like my fair skin so I don’t use false tans. This product is great if you’re not looking to tan as such. It adds a hint of colour and glow to your skin and acts almost as a leg makeup. Imagine applying a tinted BB cream to your face, it does a similar job with your pins. I wouldn’t put it on directly after shaving/waxing but would wait a few hours. It’s a pricey product but the only thing that’s really stuck with me. Maybe email ‘This Works’ and ask if you can try a sample of it if you’re unsure 🙂

      Clare X

  • I have to try the Smash Box colour correcting primer. The original was amazing but I need more help with this redness.

    Great post!

  • Twerk Socks!!! XD